Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix – Startup Crash, Travel Bug, Freeze

Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix

Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix – Startup Crash, Travel Bug, Freeze:

EA has recently realeased The Sims 4 game and many players encountered a lot of crashes and errors when they started the game or when they were playing it.The most common Sims 4 Crash Errors are: Startup Crash or Launch Error –  at the launch of the game a crash appears and the game is unable to start, Travel Bug – the game stops working when traveling, Screen Freeze– the screen freezes and remains like that.The torrented version of Sims 4 also has a lot of errors and bugs with the crack, the Sims 4 Crack Error is common but you can fix it.You can fix all of these Sims 4 Errors with the our Sims 4 Errors Fix patch that we managed to develop for you in order to play and enjoy the game with no bugs and crashes.The Sims 4 Launch Crash will be fixed with our Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix and all the other errors.Download the hack from here: Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix and follow the tutorial below on how to use it.You can also found more details on our Game Cheats website here: New Cheats- Fixes for PC Games.

How to use The Sims 4 Crash Errors Fix:Sims 4 Errors Fix Patch

1) Download the fix from here: Sims 4 Crash Fix and extract the archive on your destkop.

2) Open the patch and select your graphic card: Nvidia or AMD(ATI)

3) Select form the right box your error that you want to fix: Fix Crack Error, Fix Crash Error, Fix GL Error (for Travel Bug use this)

4)Click Verify&Patch and wait for the fix to add the required files and .dlls in order for the game to work properly with no bugs or errors.


I hope our patch will work for you too and i hope that you will be able to play and enjoy The Sims 4 game.If you encounter any problems contact us with a comment below the post or on our game cheats site here.